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UBB KABLO, with its modern computing infrastructure and automation technology, provides its consumers with reliable and superior quality products and ensures continuous customer satisfaction. With its state-of-the-art machinery, it manufactures in its world-class factory in a way that can best meet the needs of its customers.

It is an expression of the trust shown in the UBB Kablo brand and products. UBB Kablo, which ensures that high quality products are delivered to the customer by using modern test equipment and control methods at every stage of production, develops products according to special customer specifications and requests, as well as products manufactured according to international and domestic standards. With the promotional activities we have done for our company, it has reached a certain market share abroad and has become a company that exports to 21 different countries.

Our principles
  • We are a corporate company that attaches importance to waste management and unconditionally complies with environmental regulations, rejecting working methods that are not beneficial to society and the environment.
  • UBB KABLO, which closely follows sectoral developments and applies them in their production, provides service with the best machines developed by German engineering.
  • It aims to represent our country in the best way in its field with the products it exports.
  • In addition to the high level of service it provides, UBB CABLE, which has established the character of its brand and exhibited a reassuring stance, continues to gain the trust of its valuable customers with its policy that prioritizes customer satisfaction and after-sales services.
  • Our company is a corporate company that aims to respond to the demands of its domestic and foreign customers as soon as possible and primarily realizes all the necessary savings for customer satisfaction.

Our vision

To be an indispensable commercial stakeholder in the energy cable market, by creating differences, by providing a permanent superiority within the conditions of honest and principled competition, with the importance it attaches to the circle of product, service, trust and quality.

Our Mission

By applying modern management systems, in the energy cable production market; Considering the changing needs of the industry and our stakeholders, with the importance and attention we give to technical details, to find pioneering and creative solutions in meeting their demands, to offer quality products that will make our customers feel different with a corporate structure.