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Cable Grouping

What is cable grouping, what is it for and where is it used.

What is cable grouping?

With the developing technology, the usage areas of cables are also changing day by day. In this context, cables are needed in almost every field of the sector, both in the electricity and electronics sectors. After the cables are produced, they must be categorically divided into suitable sizes. This separation process is called cable grouping.

In other words, after the cable production, which has a very important position in the field of energy and telecommunication, especially in electricity, electronics, the cables are cut in appropriate sizes with the help of very special technological devices in order to be ready for the cable grouping process in the frame of the appropriate size and dimensions. After stages such as end opening, socket placement, terminal fastening, taping and test processes, the cable is prepared for the grouping process and after all this cable grouping process, the cables are checked and the process is completed.

In short, cable grouping is the name given to the process of determining the characteristics of the cables to be used and classifying them according to certain dimensions.

If we are going to detail the cable grouping process, working on the cables manufactured in cable production factories, cutting ends and soldering on cables cut in appropriate sizes with technological machines are only the first stages of cable grouping processes.

In the continuation of the cable grouping process, terminal fastening is performed on the ends of the existing cables, and after the measurements of these cables are taken and they are ready for the cable grouping process, the next stage of cable grouping, plugging and taping is performed.

The cables are subjected to a series of tests to check whether these cables, which are processed at the last stage of the cable grouping process, are working. After this test process, the cable grouping work is completed.

It should not be forgotten that if the cables produced are not of high quality and the correct cable grouping is not done correctly, these cables will increase the risk of fire and cause you both material and moral damage.

As UBBl Kablo, which is among the best cable grouping companies in Turkey, we make our quality cables that we produce with professional workmanship ready for sale for you.

We provide the cable grouping process with the latest technology machinery, equipment and our expert employees by keeping the security measures in the foreground.

If we list the working principle of cable grouping. The operations performed under the control of the cable grouping specialist are as follows;

● Cables coming from the warehouse are cut according to the dimensions in cable cutting machines,

● After the cables cut according to their dimensions, they are first subjected to the cutting process and then to the soldering process,

● In the next step, terminals are hammered into the ends of the cables,

● In this way, the cables that are prepared for the cable grouping process are respectively plugged in and taped,

● Finally, the grouped cables are tested in order to check whether they make contact or not and whether they are working,

● The cable grouping process of the cables that pass the test phase is completed.

What does cable grouping do?

Cables Cable grouping should be done strictly so that the cables used in the work areas in many sectors, especially in the construction and industry sectors, can be used in accordance with the standards in a quality way in Turkey and all over the world. In addition, with the cable grouping process, which should be done by professional companies with competence, problems arising from the cable are prevented and a high level of benefit is obtained from the cables.

Sufficient efficiency cannot be obtained from cables that are not correctly grouped. By means of cable grouping, it ensures the correct operation of the whole process of the works, from production to the usage area, in sectors with intensive use of electricity and electronics.

Where is Cable Grouping used?

The usage areas of cable grouping, which are produced by taking into account many factors such as the needs of the customers and the place of use of the cables, are very diverse.

In this context, they always need ready-made cable groups, in other words cable grouping, for all companies producing in the telecommunication sector, the automotive sector, the white goods sector, the small household appliances sector and the energy sectors.

Cable grouping processes used to be done manually before, but with the developing technology, these processes are done flawlessly by automatic machines today. we are doing.


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